Practice Areas


We have special expertise and experience in civil and commercial litigation of all types, including in the areas of labour law, antitrust and class actions.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in conducting complex legal proceedings in various courts and in arbitrations. We also specialize in administrative and commercial law, including representation in administrative petitions and petitions to the High Court of Justice.

Our firm is well prepared to quickly and efficiently handle injunctions and other interim relief which require a quick turnaround for response and representation.

We provide legal representation both to the firm’s many clients, as well as to many private clients who seek only our litigation services.

Administrative and Constitutional Law, Tender Law

Our firm has expertise in administrative and constitutional law generally, and particularly in the area of tenders.

We are involved in many administrative petitions, representing both petitioners and respondents, and have made significant achievements for our clients.

We are aware of the importance of the speed of response that is often required for commencing proceedings in the area of administrative law, and are well prepared to act accordingly.

Commercial Transactions

Our firm engages on an ongoing basis in the handling of and representation in very large-scale commercial transactions.

In handling transactions, we act on the underlying assumption that the efficiency and speed of the service are no less important than creative thinking.

We are also aware that signing an agreement is merely the beginning of the relationship between the parties thereto, and therefore the manner in which the transaction is performed often has a direct impact on its success.

Alongside our uncompromising insistence on the issues of importance to our clients, we believe in demonstrating a deep understanding of the interests and feelings of the opposing party. Based on our vast experience, we are also of the opinion that treating the other party with respect and understanding is most effective, both for performance of the transaction and realizing its goals, and for the purpose of maintaining a proper and good relationship post-signing.

In handling such transactions, our vast experience in litigation proceedings also comes into play, enabling correct and thorough representation, which anticipates various scenarios already at the time of structuring of the transaction.

Real Estate Transactions

Our firm engages in the handling of real estate transactions, including complex deals and combination transactions.

Also in this practice area, our efficiency, the availability of service and our extensive experience in litigation proceedings generally, and real estate litigation proceedings particularly, are expressed.


Our firm has expertise in the area of banking, both in representing banking entities and in representing clients in this area, including in bank financing agreements, and various arrangements vis-à-vis banks.

Planning and Construction Law

Our firm has expertise in the area of planning and construction.

Municipal Law

Our firm has extensive experience in the practice of municipal law, including representation of local authorities.

Advice to Corporations

Our firm engages in ongoing advice to corporations, and to corporations who contact us for the provision of specific advice in our areas of expertise.


We have extensive experience in representation of clients in regulatory (legislative) proceedings, including appearing before the various Knesset committees and government offices in this area.

Receivership Proceedings, Stays of Proceedings and Liquidation

Our firm possesses special expertise and experience in insolvency proceedings, including: receivership (including real estate properties and projects under construction), liquidation of companies, stays of proceedings, operating companies in the framework of liquidation proceedings / stays of proceedings, company rehabilitation, preparing and advising on compositions with creditors, and conducting investigations in the framework of liquidation and receivership proceedings.

In the framework of their work, attorneys Dan Friedman and Itzhak Yunger have served as officers of the court / represented officers, inter alia, in the following liquidation cases, receiverships and stays of proceedings:

Appointment as a (joint) trustee in a stay of proceedings for the “Rav Bariach” group of companies; appointment as provisional liquidator of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra; appointment as liquidator of Radguard Ltd.; representation of the liquidators in the liquidation of the public company Reichert Industries Ltd.; appointment as provisional liquidator of Enosh Security and Holdings Ltd.; appointment as provisional liquidator and trustee in a composition with the creditors of Gal-Ron Houses Ltd.; appointment as provisional liquidator of Pizza Meter Ltd.; appointment as provisional liquidator and special manager of Maabadot System (9000) for the Paving and Building Industry Ltd.; appointment as provisional liquidator and special manager of Amica Ltd. (Miss Lagotte); appointment as trustee in a stay of proceedings and composition with the creditors of Rotem Medical (2001) Ltd., and others.

Labour Law

Our firm provides ongoing advice and representation to the firm’s clients regarding labour law, including drafting of employment agreements, handling collective bargaining agreements and handling of related litigation.


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